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CAMPFIREBALL is an ongoing experiment in turning an audience into a community.

Imagine if Mr. Rogers ran an existential escape room...

What began in a backyard, has grown into a national touring production and multimedia project. Campfireball seeks to evoke connection and community through immersive, experiential events of all shapes and sizes with a unique blend of intimacy and absurdity.

The most common way to experience Campfireball is through a live show that obliterates the line between performance and audience and infuses a story into and about the people in attendance.

Yet, Campfireball doesn't stop there, using every form of engagement available from social media to video to blurring the boundaries of story and real life, Campfireball has many points of entry into this unique, connective world.

Campfireball breaks down our walls and give us an opportunity to share, listen, play along, get our hands dirty, get to know our neighbor and, even after all this time, find new ways to surprise ourselves.



campfireball presents: monsters


"Campfireball presents: Monsters" is the live, traveling version of the Campfireball experience.


The show begins as any ordinary Campfireball presentation and quickly devolves into chaos when out of nowhere, we're attacked by monsters! (What are the odds?!) The audience must flee to an underground bunker where, while taking shelter from said monsters, we navigate our new reality and society together.

This live show/immersive experience hybrid is a team building, group bonding, celebratory event like no other. The outrageous premise of "surviving a monster attack" together disarms participants and through this framing device we have a chance to share personal stories from our lives, get to know each other at a deeper level and learn to trust one another. We explore our connection and humanity while having fun and without getting didactic or too, um, summer campy -- is that an adjective?

"Campfireball presents: Monsters" is the perfect event to bring to your office, party, ( or holiday party -- we have a special edition for 'that time of year'), college, high school, festival, etc, etc, etc...this show fits in any space with minimal technical requirements, is suitable for all ages and is easily customizable to fit specific event needs.

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“If I had one wish it would be that everyone could experience Campfireball.”


—  Regan, Creative Director, Atria


Or, what we talk about when we talk about social media


Campfireball strives to tap into a deep potential of this relatively new communication tool. seizing on a fresh opportunity, Campfireball seeks to use this medium to tell stories in new ways and create unique avenues for connection and discovery. Follow along!


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