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Cory Howar
storyteller, performer, creator & host of The Campfireball

As Cory sees it, his job as a storyteller is to celebrate the audience’s experience.


This might happen through performing stories that are as active and full of possibility as a living thing, reimagining the way a story can be told, or by way of his audience powered ‘reverse-storytelling’ project The Campfireball.


Cory has a variety of storytelling works for every type of audience from adults to children, schools to corporate offices, community centers to backyards. Available to perform, as an emcee, to lead story-based workshops, etc… reach out to to inquire.


Some possibily validating external filigree that may help convince you of Cory’s seriousness: he has over two decades of experience as a producer and performer, worked for over ten years as a teaching artist for the Los Angeles branch of the Story Pirates, has performed at the National Storytelling Festival, is a Moth Story Slam winner and has an M.A. in Communication and Storytelling Studies from East Tennessee State University where The Campfireball was awarded ‘Outstanding Capstone Project’.

Cory talking Campfireball on Daytime Tri-Cities (featuring amazing still frame)


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